Kidbuddie: Jungle Gym and Playground Specialists

Kidbuddie: Jungle Gym and Playground Specialists
Contact Person: Kidbuddie
Province: Western Cape
Suburb: Knysna
19 Vigilance Drive, Tudor Village
Contact Number: +27443821093

Kidbuddie jungle gyms and playground equipment. The doorway to epic adventures. Kidbuddie is South Africa’s leading playground manufacturer.

Kidbuddie is one of South Africa’s leading adventure playground and jungle gym manufacturers. A playground is only as safe as the quality of its play systems; our team at Kidbuddie prides ourselves on the quality and safety of our play areas for children. Our playground equipment comes in all shapes and sizes to inspire imagination and storytelling, with animal-shaped rockers, swing boats, ship-themed jungle gyms and more.

Spaces for kids to exercise outdoors.

With so much to do and explore on the playground, kids have hours of fun playing and exercising, expelling excess energy and allowing for better, more fulfilling rest. Exercise is also essential for maintaining a healthy weight.
Play systems that give kids the opportunity to socialize and learn.

Our playground equipment encourages play with other children, developing social skills and playground etiquette. Play areas for kids also provide the perfect environment to forge friendships.

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