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Network Support Services (PTY) Ltd

Network & Application Performance Measurement
Provision-ISR’s CCTV products

As a branded offering Provision-ISR’s CCTV products needs to uphold a reputation for quality products. We ensure this by using the best components and enforcing strict quality control standards overseen by our Israeli engineers.

3 year guarantee:
Due to the quality of our products and our low RMA rate we are proud to support our clients with a long warranty period. In addition, we understand your need for a quick response and strong support and we have found creative,new ways to deal with your RMA needs.

One stop shop:
It is Provision-ISR’s policy to offer our customers a one stop shop for the entire range of CCTV products. True to this vision, Provision-ISR has created a full range of CCTV accessories for all types of CCTV installations. We understand in depth the need for tested and reliable CCTV accessories and set high quality standards for these products as well.
Reid & Associates

Reid & Associates was established in 1985 to Design and Manufacture high specification, specialised electronic equipment.

Over the years we have established an excellent reputation for our passion and commitment to the design, manufacture and support of our products.

We have been doing business with some of our customers and suppliers for over 25 years and business relationships have become friendships.

The products shown on our website are our own products but we also contract design or design and manufacture products for third parties.