The AGILE BRIDGE team remains committed to learning in order to remain at the leading edge of software development processes and programming. We pride ourselves in our ability to push each other to be better and we are continually learning from each other, our clients and leading experts in our field, both locally and internationally.

Our team experience spans the globe and draws from specialist knowledge areas with hands on experience in developing software solutions across the business spectrum.

We pride ourselves in being able to see the “helicopter view” – the bigger picture – when it comes to resolving business software challenges. With a unique blend of software development experience and accreditation, and a masters in business administration, we are able to design and implement solutions that answer to the challenges of our clients’ businesses at both a strategic and operational level.
Alicornio Africa

A New Era Dawns

Whilst Sagent Data Flow™ is our primary software product offering, Alicornio Africa is by no means limited to this. With over 60 years combined experience and intellectual property, and having serviced many of the continents most prestigious and successful businesses Alicornio’s consulting, training and support services reach beyond Sagent product related specifications.

Our services are aimed at assisting clients, or rather partners, to cross the divide between owning and having access to invaluable information, but not having the means to maximise it to its full potential.

ArtiCAD’s kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design software, online room planner, online room styler and design presentation technologies are used by thousands of retailers, manufacturers and designers to inspire customers and help secure sales.

Whilst ArtiCAD’s software solutions have changed dramatically over the years, the company’s commitment to product and service innovation has remained at the heart of ArtiCAD’s activities for over two decades. And this dedication to technology innovation and customer service, combined with a wealth of experience in the KBB sector, means that a number of clients from the very earliest days of ArtiCAD remain with the company to this day.
Astidian Systems

ASTIDIAN systems specialise in delivering business solutions that give you access to information about your finances, your staff performance, your customers, your suppliers or your operation.
We develop systems for organisations, large and small, in both the public and private sector and in all cases we concentrate on ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness.
We pride ourselves on our open, honest approach and hence where we provide piece of mind support on Open Source Enterprise Business Solutions.
B3 Media

B3 Media Products (Pty) LTD  is a Level 2 – BEE rated Gauteng based company in Pretoria, supplying SOHO Businesses,  Corporations and multi-national Enterprises with their office automation requirements.

B3 Media Products
aims to be a full service, one stop shop to all our customers, supplying a full range of Computer Consumables, Stationery and a wide range of Hardware, Printers and Peripheral products in a wide range of market leading brands.

We hold the prestigious status of Hewlett Packard Connect Business Partners, and prior to that we held the status of Hewlett Packard Premium Resellers for six consecutive years.

In addition to this, we are also Microsoft Partners, APC Reliability Providers and members of the Intel Product Integrator Program, which entitles our customers to priority technical support and advance warranty replacements on all Intel products purchased from us.
Bika Lab Systems

Intelligent laboratory information management. All laboratories big and small. Bika Lab Systems was established in 2002 (incorporated 2005) by Lemoene Smit and Inus Scheepers, identifying a need for affordable and easy to use information systems and instrument interfaces for small and medium size laboratories, customised to requirement

Web clients were becoming popular but few LIMS were web based, merely web enabled legacy systems. And none of them open sourced. Bika Lab Systems sponsors and co-ordinates the Bika open source LIMS project, committed to keep the Bika code free and available and to maintain effective organisational support

Bika positions herself as complete service provider for all of the LIMS implementation life cycle – requirements analysis, design, customisation and development, project management and quality control, documentation, systems integration, administration, hosting, customer training and support. Innovative designs, reliable systems, quality support for all laboratories big and small
Bridge Conferencing Solutions

At Bridge Conferencing Solutions we bridge the video communications gap, by providing you with our dedicated video conferencing sales, integration and installation services and experienced technical support.
Our speciality lies in providing  installed as well as hosted multipoint video conferencing solutions.
We also supply and install high definition video conference systems and multipoint video conferencing bridges and we provide an online hosted video conferencing bridging service for all types of client video devices.
We are able to provide our own solution for live online video conferencing consulting services and solutions for clients who do not have their own systems in place yet.
bSOLVe Software Services

bSOLVe Software Services was formed in 2001, initially focused on the implementation of specialised administration systems within schools in the Western Cape. During this period, the first version of Microsoft SharePoint was released and partially used as a document management system within bSOLVe, but due to its early teething problems the team was hesitant to offer it to the existing client base as a supplementary product. Several small installations were however put in place and supported.

As SharePoint matured, a strategic decision was made in 2007 to focus efforts into the Information Worker space. Subsequent years saw strong growth on the back of this focus, with increasingly larger and more complex solutions delivered on SharePoint 2007, 2010 and more recently 2013. During the early phases of this period, the founders placed emphasis on investing in the development of a robust implementation methodology, with a long-term vision of sustainable and high quality service delivery, as opposed to “quick and dirty” implementations.

Formed in 1998, the aim of, was to qualify for BEE status when required. This has been achieved through a combination of ownership, equity, socio-economic development and procurement.

Our company philosophy of nurturing the growth of empowerment within an organization, combined with our partnership with the largest distributors of computer consumables in Southern Africa makes the preferred BEE choice for all your printing solutions.
City 2 City Computers

Computer services, network installation, repairs, sales and internet solutions by City to City, South Africa.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Service Retainer – Fixed monthly fee with a guaranteed level of service and client confidentiality. You also get a fixed quantity of non billable hours to use at your leisure for preventative maintenance or backup’s, also includes remote support to minimise down time.

Hardware Sales / Support / Installations

WE supply most popular brands and we can install the equipment, setup your network and maintain it. We support and install. LAN’s, Wan’s, VPN’s. Branch to branch connectivity. Printer installation, sales, repairs, maintenance. Now also installing and maintaining 3CX Voip PBX systems.