Online Listing Directory – An Effective Marketing Tool

Effective marketing medium such as newspapers, popular magazines or television are very vital for boosting a business. Yet for small businesses, more so those that are just starting, advertising through these medium might be too exorbitant. Free online listing directory –

Thanks to the internet, there are already powerful but cost-effective measures to find free marketing. As a requirement though, your business must first have a website. Take the trouble to develop a website and you will get the advantages of internet marketing. » Read more

Writing Business Plan For an Online Business Directory

Writing business plan for an online business directory is as important as writing a business plan for any type of business. A proper plan is essential to making an online directory a success. This will outline the type of business directory you will be running and how you will make it profitable. Below are a number of tips to writing a business plan for an online business directory.

Tips to Writing Business Plan for an Online Business Directory

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What Is A Web Directory?

Lets talk about web directories. A web directory is a website that contains a big list of links that go to other websites. The list of other websites isn’t just published willy-nilly. It is an organized list so humans can click from a general topic until it reaches a specific bit of information. This is so the directory user can follow easy navigation through the pages and find » Read more

The Future of Online Business Directories

Online business directories are more popular than ever these days. There are literally hundreds of such directories all over the internet, some generic, some more specialized. Their abundance though doesn’t always mean good news for the average business person. Besides, many of these online directories are merely copies of one another, offering little or no advantage to their listed companies. It becomes clear then that for an online directory to be worth your time and money, it has to be able to offer more than » Read more

10 Directory Submission Benefits for Your Website

Directory submission is considered by many SEO and internet marketing experts as one of the most important aspects of quality link building. This is because search engines have high value for those directory submission websites. It is also considered to be one of the most important sources of targeted traffic. The directory submission benefits for your website are massive and would give your business the boost needed to increase your visibility online. Those directory websites provide the opportunity for your website listing and a brief detail about your business to be seen by millions of visitors every day. In this article, I will briefly discuss » Read more