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Founded in 2010, road Accident Fund Claims
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We at Road Accident fund Claims have over 10 yrs experience in representing our happy clients by winning their cases.

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What Can You Claim from the RAF?

Loss of income (past and future) or financial support for a dependent of a deceased person.
Compensation in the case of bodily injury for pain, suffering, and disability.
Hospital and medical expenses (past and future).
Funeral expenses.

Who Can Make an RAF Claim?

An injured person involved in an accident is allowed to claim, except if the person injured is the one who is to blame for the accident.

A dependent of a deceased except if the deceased person is responsible for the accident.

A close relative of the deceased to cover funeral expenses.
A legal guardian or parent of a minor child.
A foster parent to compensate for previous medical expenses suffered by him/her.
An executor of the deceased person’s estate.
A curator ad litem.

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